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Night Patrol

The Active Advantage:

Our building managers and clients can sleep soundly knowing our professional Night Patrol team are on the job 7 nights a week.

  • Nightly patrols between the hours of 7pm and 7am to check for intruders or undesirables and ensure the complex is secure throughout the night.
  • Patrolling your building and providing a presence during the wee-small hours. 
  • Providing peace of mind to owners and residents.
  • Ensuring late-night issues and noise complaints are dealt with in a safe and friendly manner.

More than just security...

  • Active Night Patrol is an extension of our  building management service. They will take care of minor maintenance issues through the night and ensure common areas are clean for the morning.

Need assistance?

Contact Active Night Patrol direct on 027 222 8425.  7pm to 7am.  7 days.


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